T12 Lighting Phase Out Approaches

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T12 vs T8 vs T5

T12 bulbs soon to be extinct

There’s been a lot of buzz here at the Green Savings Network surrounding the big “T12 phase out”. The U.S. Department of Energy’s fluorescent lighting mandate is official. As of July 1, 2010 magnetic ballasts most commonly used for the operation of T12 lamps will no longer be produced for commercial and industrial applications. Also, many T12 lamps will be phased out of production starting July 2012. All in the name of efficiency.

What should I be prepared for?
• Manufacturers will be phasing out their production of T12 lamps and ballasts
• Progressively less availability of T12 lamps and ballasts
• Increased cost of T12 lamps and ballasts due to demand vs. limited supply
• To keep up with federal regulations of energy efficiency, manufacturers’ technology and production will be focused on T8 and T5 systems
• Limited-time opportunity (2010) to access enhanced State Energy Efficiency Fund incentives for T12 upgrades

Did you know?
Approximately 30 percent of all fluorescent lamps sold in the U.S. are still T12 technology. As a result of the T12 phase out, 70 percent of all T12 fluorescent lamps sold in the U.S. will be phased out come July 2012.

For more info, check out the top 5 Frequently Asked Questions on the T12 Lighting Phase Out.

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