Retrofit Rebates, Energy Calculators, and More Geeky Green Things That Make Us Smile

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Saving money makes us happy, and now more than ever before, local, state, and federal governments are implementing energy standards by offering enticing financial incentives for using the newest technologies available to the nation’s electrical contracting firms. Considering the gloomy construction market, savvy electrical contractors are using this opportunity to provide customers with various energy-reduction strategies such as lighting upgrades. Lighting retrofits are one of the simplest, fastest, and most economical ways to achieve the goal of reducing energy costs while injecting additional cash flow into the electrical contracting market. Lighting retrofits offer several advantages including energy savings, enhanced lighting quality and reduced maintenance.

In addition, popular lighting solutions such as dimmers, timers, occupancy sensors and photo-sensors take the human element out of operating lights and can be especially effective when used in restrooms and hallways. Another effective savings method is the process of de-lamping (reducing the amount of bulbs) as well as reducing the number of ballasts in each fixture. Going from four ballasts to three can result in a higher lumen output, increasing the quality of lighting and the productivity and morale of the buildings occupants.

With a growing demand of clients interested in reducing their overall carbon footprint, managing the upgrades while reducing energy costs can be a tough job. Luckily, there are products on the market such as the T-5 Retrofit Kit that make the electrical contractor’s job and the process of retrofitting much easier. The quality and availability of new lighting technology has improved so much that the correct ballast and lamp combination can result in the same- if not higher- lumen output that was previously achieved but with significantly less energy usage.

To discover if a lighting retrofit can yield even further energy savings, electrical construction professionals recommend performing a lighting audit. The only essential tool needed to perform an energy audit is a calculator and because of the implementation of energy efficiency standards by local, state and federal governments, many companies provide online saving calculators. Scott Raybin, President of the The Green Savings Company said, “The Energy Savings Calculator was developed to provide our lighting retailers with a quick and easy tool to calculate savings for any size project. Simply select the current lighting scenario which most closely resembles your building or prospect’s building, and with just a few clicks, determine savings percentage and ROI time for any T5 Retrofit upgrade.”

But the savings doesn’t stop there. By employing energy-efficient improvements such as lighting retrofits, the rewards are plentiful for homeowners, home builders and commercial building owners. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 established tax credits and rebates to be offered as financial incentives to lower the cost of lighting upgrades. The rebates and incentives are available to help fund retrofits and other energy saving projects. To learn more about rebates and incentives offered by specific states, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency at DSIRE. “As manufacturers of a lighting retrofit kit product for commercial buildings, The Green Savings Company is aware that rebates and incentives can cushion the cost of investing in new lighting technologies,” says Raybin. “So we’ve taken the initiative one step further by offering the T5 Retrofit Rebate Database, a state by state reference for the incentives offered when using the T5 Retrofit Kit as your new energy efficient lighting solution.”

To try the calculator yourself, visit They’ve even translated it into spanish (calculadora de energía) and also created a mobile version compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. But first, check out this quick demo to see how much we’re saving in Florida! Don’t forget to factor in your local rebates (more being added daily) and let us know how much you could save in the comments below.

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