FACT CHECK: T5 Retrofit Kit & UL

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Here at the home office of The Green Savings Company, we field many calls about our product and of course get questions about our competitors.  For the customers it usually comes down to two things: having the UL and price.  Since we started in 2009, there have been several companies that have also begun selling a T5 retrofit kit.  We welcome this competition as it good for the customer, but unfortunately they get bamboozled into believing something that is not true.

For example, there are multiple outlets that state on there website that there kits are “UL approved” (there is no such thing) and have even written a press release to this affect. The Green Savings Company has contacted these companies to ask what there UL file number is and they say that it is, “tested to UL standards” or that the number is “UL 935”.

Well, both of these statements mean that the product does not have the UL classification.  Let’s look into what each statement means.  There are other testing facilities in the country, such as CSA, ETL, CE and MET, that test products to UL standards and if it meets these standards they will approve them. But at the end of the day, the product cannot and does not have the UL mark anywhere.

Scott Raybin, President of The Green Savings Company recalled this story, “A prospect called and wanted The Green Savings Company to match a price of a competing product.  When I asked what their UL file was he said ‘UL 935’. I told him that in no way is that a UL file number. Not only was he shocked, but embarrassed as well. It is wrong for a company to mislead the public just for a sale.”  So what is UL 935? It is a written standard that is used by UL for testing purposes.

Now that we have disproved what is not UL, let’s discuss what a proper UL classified product is.  First, it has been thoroughly tested and approved by UL to their specifications. Second, inspectors have visited and approved the facility where the product is assembled to insured that it meets UL standards and that the components are from UL certified vendors.  Once that is completed UL will issue a file number that is searchable at the UL database.

The Green Savings Company was the first energy efficient lighting company in the USA to receive its UL classification (file#333114) for the T5 Retrofit Kit on April 20, 2010.

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