Illinois Energy Now Offers Financial Incentives

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Public facilities around the state of Illinois are eligible for financial incentives through the state’s Illinois Energy Now program to upgrade to more energy efficient lighting prior to the phase-out for certain types of fluorescent lamps next year.

The Western Illinois Regional Council Community Development staff can help public facilities be more successful in obtaining these financial incentives by assisting with the application process.

Incentives for lighting upgrades are available to local governments including counties, municipalities, townships, public K-12 school districts, park districts and other special purpose districts in the Ameren Illinois utility service areas.

The older, less efficient T12 fluorescent lamps will be phased out of production by July 2012 in accordance with the 2010 U.S. Department of Energy mandate requiring that the magnetic ballasts used for the operation of T12 lamps be phased out. To keep up with federal regulations for energy efficiency, manufacturers will focus their technology and production on much more efficient T8 and T5 fluorescent systems.

Advantages for upgrading  T5 Retrofit Kit include immediate energy savings of up to 70 percent, improved lighting performance and simpler maintenance. Illinois Energy Now incentives, provided as grants or rebates, can assist in covering the costs of changing or retrofitting lighting at public facilities to make them more energy efficient.

Public facilities with older lighting systems in place, facilities with the highest energy costs or with uncontrolled lighting (lights that stay on all night as opposed to newer motion sensor lighting) are considered the highest priorities.

Scott Raybin, President of The Green Savings Company said, “We have helped many businesses in Illinois reduce wattage with the T5 Retrofit Kit and the savings have been dramatic.  With Ameren providing financial incentives, we have seen clients achieve a return on investment in as little as 3 months. ”

To schedule a meeting with a local government or for application assistance, contact Shannon Duncan at (309) 837-3941 or

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