NYSERDA Announces Energy Efficiency Projects at Binghamton University

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nyserdaFrom NYSERDA:

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced energy efficiency projects at the State University of New York at Binghamton that are projected to save the university $355,000 in energy costs every year and will result in the avoidance of over 2,190 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

These projects support Governor Cuomo’s ambitious Build Smart NY initiative to increase energy efficiency in state buildings by 20 percent in seven years by strategically accelerating priority improvements in energy performance. This initiative will save millions of dollars for taxpayers and create thousands of jobs while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Binghamton University’s energy efficiency projects will reduce energy bills and carbon emissions and spur jobs in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the new clean-energy equipment,” said Governor Cuomo. “These projects will help the university manage costs and will free up resources for its core mission – to provide a first-class education for our students.”

“We are excited and proud to have received this NYSERDA award,” said Binghamton University President Harvey G. Stenger. “The implementation of our projects will greatly enhance our energy conservation efforts, reduce cost and reduce green house gas emissions.”

NYSERDA awarded $740,000 to the university. The energy efficiency measures are projected to reduce electricity use by more than 1.8 million kilowatt hours and fossil fuel use by 18,437 million Btu annually, the equivalent of powering and heating approximately 260 homes for a year. In addition, they are projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,190 tons annually, the equivalent of taking 438 cars off the roads.

Projects include energy efficiency measures at seven new East Campus dormitories; a new Collegiate Center with kitchen and dining facilities, multi-purpose rooms, computer labs, lounges and offices; and substantial renovations at the university’s Recreation Center.

“I applaud Binghamton University’s leadership in making these long-term energy efficiency investments in its housing, dining and recreation facilities,” said Francis J. Murray, Jr. President and CEO, NYSERDA. “The University is clearly committed to a more sustainable energy future for its campus. Not only will these investments save energy, cut costs and reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, in keeping with Governor Cuomo’s energy and environmental goals, but they will also provide a more comfortable working environment for its students, faculty and staff.”

NYSERDA-funded energy efficiency projects for new construction at Binghamton University are projected to be 17 to 30 percent more energy efficient than New York State energy code requires, depending on the building.

Energy efficiency measures include high-efficiency lighting and occupancy-based lighting controls; insulation; high-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; variable- speed pumps and motors; and daylight harvesting controls, which is a system that dims artificial light in response to available natural light.

Funding for these projects is through NYSERDA’s New Construction Program, which provides technical support to design teams and financial incentives to building owners involved in the construction of new or substantially renovated structures in New York State. It is a first-come, first-served program available to commercial, institutional and industrial sector customers of certain utilities. New Construction Program incentives are paid out upon project completion. The intent of the program is not only to improve energy efficiency and green building practices, but to effect a permanent transformation in the way buildings are designed and constructed throughout the state.

Governor Cuomo’s Build Smart NY Initiative will support his call for 20 percent energy efficiency in seven years by using state building energy data to prioritize projects that will deliver the greatest energy savings per dollar spent. The largest and most inefficient buildings will be addressed first and undergo comprehensive whole-building improvements. Build Smart NY will accelerate projects that produce the greatest savings and coordinate all spending. The program will also ensure that cost-effective improvements for energy savings are considered in all the state’s capital project planning.

In addition to its energy savings goals, Build Smart NY supports Governor Cuomo’s larger NY Works program and economic development agenda, which coordinates state funding to accelerate projects that will create jobs and improve the state’s infrastructure. NY Works is designed to expedite select projects with maximum economic impact, allowing them to begin as soon as possible and reduce project costs by hundreds of millions of dollars.

A Build Smart NY web platform was launched that posts progress reports, case studies, energy savings, project costs, and other information to the public, providing greater accountability and transparency on government spending and performance. For more information on this initiative, visit www.buildsmart.ny.gov.

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