NC residents to get more rebate incentives

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Greensboro Connects_Ideas FINAL bleedGreensboro, North Carolina residents have one last chance to get help making their homes energy efficient under a $5 million grant.

The federal government recently gave the city four more months to work on the Better Buildings program, which offers grants and other incentives to building owners who want to make upgrades to their homes or businesses.

Nearly 800 homeowners have participated so far, according to city officials. The city staff hopes to add 100 more before the program ends on July 30, 2013

In 2010, Greensboro was one of 25 communities nationwide to get piece of the $454 million energy efficiency program. Greensboro received $5 million for its effort to help reduce energy costs by 15 percent in homes and buildings by cutting down drafts, installing florescent light bulbs and making other improvements.

Working with the business owners in Greensboro, The Green Savings Company is making the incentive to switch from T12 lamps to T5 Retrofit Kits more lucrative by providing free T5 lamps and free shipping with the purchase of 20 or more kits through July 30, 2013.

Earlier this year, the Department of Energy, which oversees the grant, offered cities like Greensboro more time to complete the project, said Barbara Harris of the city planning and community development department.

Greensboro officials took the opportunity for more time, since its program started about a year behind schedule due to changes City Council members requested.

The city still has $1.1 million of grant money left to spend.

Here’s what they will offer to an average homeowner:

  • $50 home energy audit from a program-approved assessor. The city estimates that the work is worth $350 to $400.
  • 50% rebate on what you spend on air sealing and insulation.
  • 20% rebate on other energy-efficient improvements you make, such as new appliances.
  • 3.99% interest loan to do the work.


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