The Problem

The problem is professional websites with great marketing can be expensive and time consuming. We understand the challenges and expenses that come with hiring creative professionals who understand your business niche. The problem is this often results in a less than stellar first impression or an unenjoyable web experience. Your visitors should be able to get the information they need quickly and easily.

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Includes everything you need to make your customers say WOW! Call us now and let us get started on your face lift today.

The Solution

The solution is to make an impression with the fully customizable MyLightSite web package! Green Savings Media has created the opportunity for your business to retrofit your client’s user experience by optimizing the MyLightSite theme to maximize your company’s web presence. The most important features are built in and easier than ever to navigate. Your customers will thank you and new ones will find you, guaranteed!

Why Us?

Simply put, because we’ve done this before. Working in the electrical and lighting industries, hopefully we have all heard about Corporate Social Responsibility and the importance of our carbon footprints, but what about your company’s digital footprint? It starts with a great home on the web. We are insiders in your industry, so we understand the unique needs of your customers, and we’re prepared to work with your business one-on-one to help you be more successful in the digital space without breaking the bank. Get your digital face lift with MyLightSite. Contact us today to get started!