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The 4 foot (1219.2mm) T5 Retrofit Kit, our most popular in the series thanks to its use in almost any application imaginable. Click here for more info.
The 8 foot (2438.4mm) T5 Retrofit Kit is a commonly used fluorescent solution for many applications. Click here for more info.

The T5 Retrofit Kit Series

Comprised of three components, The T5 Retrofit Kit is a complete conversion system designed to save energy, reduce costs, and help the environment. It is the simplest and most cost effective solution for commercial lighting today.

The T5 tube is the most energy efficient fluorescent lamp on the market. The lamps are rated at 20,000 hours with only 10% lumen loss in the first 10,000 hours. The Reflectors are designed to maintain its brilliant mirror‐like finish. Made from 100% aluminum that does not oxidize, it doubles the amount of light output and leaves a shining reflection that will illuminate the room throughout the lifespan of the kit.

Rated at 40,000 hours, the adapter is a break through in electrical engineering as it contains its own low-powered self starter and runs flicker free. This combination of the T5 lamp, reflector, and adaptor provides the highest luminous efficacy in its class.

4-Foot Kit
8-Foot Kit
2-Foot Kit